conduct market research like a pro

In a market study conducted by Think with Google in March 2015, there has been an interesting shift in business-to-business marketplace. This is the wake-up call for some of the brands. The competitive business ecosystem makes sure that firms are updated with the changing concerns and preference of the consumers. In order to seek new business oppurtunities and reach to new global markets in a competitive market, market research is the best way to understand the factors that make or break the business. In the following section we describe the blueprint of marker research that is applicable not only to newbie but also to an established company. Market research types can be broken down in various ways, but there are mainly two types of market research. Once the objective of the market research is decided :

Primary Research

This research includes gathering information about various product of the company, flagship product, product of the competitors, changing needs of the audience, value proposition, etc. This research is carried internally out by a team built around deep industry experience combined with exceptional statistical and data capabilities.

Secondary Research

This area of research involves sample target audience to understand the real time needs of the consumer.